Free Offer Business Card Design Tips

Why free business  card  design  tips?

To make a point! Free offers attract Customers and keep their attention!

But how does that apply to  business  cards ? Shouldn’t  cards  give customers the contact information about your business !

Wrong! Business  cards  should give your customers a reason to remember and use your business , if not it will end up in the trash!

What would you rather have?

A card that tells customers how to reach you…

Or… one that seduce new customers and referrals to your business?

Free offers – Discounts – Yes, Coupons are still the most effective advertising tool ever designed and you probably already use them!

The best free design tips are a headline, an offer and an address, that’s all you need!

No doubt you’ve seen those punch cards handed out by sandwich shops, ice cream parlors or the dry cleaners. In fact, you might even have one in your own wallet. These cards did the trick, they kept you coming back!

Most businesses  never think that their cards  could and should use the same technique! It works like magic! You’ll see them in the car, on the refrigerator, at work on the desk, but not in the trash!

Think of your business cards  as personal sales ads instead of information!

Simple phrases like “call now for _____”, “with this card , buy one get one free or “this card  is good for _____” can out-perform any standard business card  and multiply the amount of business  per dollar spent.

Most importantly, every time you hand out the card, verbally make the offer. Tell your prospects exactly why they should keep that card handy. If you’re handing out cards to your targeted market you’ll be amazed at the response you get.

Oh… dump that slogan and replace it with a headline. Promote a benefit that your company offers over the competition – maybe a guarantee, your superior selection, your promptness your hassle free techniques or your price match policy.

We’re not done with your free business card design  tips. You know the benefit that your customers respond to the most. That’s what you want to print directly below your company name. It’s what they want and it’s what you deliver!

Your business card  is an advertising investment that should reap a return! Imagine how you’ll feel when you start to see those little wrinkled up cards in the hands of your new customers!

Source by Gina Gunning