Business Card Design – 5 Decisions That Increase Your Referral Business

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Anyone who orders a marketing materials has to consider a number of factors to ensure that they get the best possible design. This simple little card which may seem unimportant to some is an excellent marketing tool which helps clients to remember who you are and how to contact you. Putting some thought into the design ensures that you achieve this goal in an effective manner.

Business Card Printer – The Choice

Several factors go into picking a great business card design. The most important factor is the company you choose to entrust with the responsibility of designing your cards. There is no denying the simple truth that a company which develops the graphics, logos, and cards by hand is capable of developing far more professional and attractive cards. It also reduces the chances for costly mistakes.

Business Card Company Logo

Another major factor to consider in your design is the logo. A logo is an important element in that it cements the relationship between you and the company and passes along to you some of that professionalism your company is known for. This is a great choice because it helps to build brand recognition. No matter what logo is used it is incredibly important that the logo is clear and high quality to enhance the image of professionalism. A well designed logo is paramount.

Business Card Color and Layout

Another factor in the design is the colors which will be used and how they are laid out on the card. Colors can set the mood for people. Well chosen colors can allow a card to stand out from a pack of cards and they can provide a professional image. Well designed colors are also easy to read so your clients don’t find themselves squinting to figure out how to contact you.

Business Card Papers

Paper type is another major factor that goes into the impact of the final product. It may seem like a minor detail but it plays a significant role. Heavier paper is more durable and not as prone to damage. It has a strong impact on the prospects and all by itself adds an air of professionalism even if it was not a great platform for high resolution graphics (which it is), something thinner cards won’t be able to claim.

Business Card Finishing Touches

The finish also plays an important role in the final design design. There are two major types of finishes, and they both offer benefits and drawbacks. Matte is the most common finish. Its main benefit is that it is easily written on using a standard pen so you can add additional information if you need too.

Glossy finished business cards are also very common. The glossy finish has the benefit of providing a far more finished looking product. It helps to provide clearer, crisper images and graphics. The major drawback is that it is not easy to add additional information if you are prone to writing on the cards.

It is important that you take some time and work with a great company to develop your business card design. This design can help or hurt your business and your image. This means that taking the time to develop a great card is imperative if you want to reach your maximum success level. They can also work as a great method of building brand awareness.

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