Business Card Design for Personal Injury Lawyers

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When you imagine a lawyer what do you see? More than likely you conjure up an idea of a powerful looking man or woman in a dark colored suit with a serious expression. So, what would you imagine a personal injury lawyer’s business card to look like? More than likely you see business cards that are conservative. That’s because serious professionals like lawyers typically want to enforce their seriousness with custom business cards that show how seriously they will treat you and your court case.

Business cards for lawyers should not incorporate lots of bright colors and designs. Instead, business cards for lawyers should be very conservative and include contact information, a company motto, and perhaps a graphic that relates to the law in some way. This type of business card will garner respect from potential clients and it will show that you will take clients seriously. When potential clients feel this way about you and your services then you have a better chance of them hiring you. If you as a lawyer have business cards with a rainbow of colors on them or cartoon inspired graphics then you will be wasting your time handing them out because people want a serious lawyer not a jokester.

So, when you are considering designs for your personal injury lawyer business cards make sure you focus on professional and serious designs. This is one case where the traditional black and white cards and fine linen paper is suggested. When people feel you take your profession seriously they will take you seriously and hire you to represent them. Most lawyers make a pretty good income. However, quite a few lawyers start out making a small income and they do everything they can to cut corners. One way to cut corners as a new lawyer is to print your own business cards. You can do so easily and save yourself plenty of money not to mention having business cards that are finely made. The best thing to do is go to a print or office store and buy fine linen paper. Next, buy business card printing software and install it on your computer. Follow the steps and you will see that in just a few minutes you can design professional looking business cards and print them out. They will look just as good as any partner’s business cards but cost you a lot less.

Source by Caitlina Fuller