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 Graphics  clinches the attention easily. Convenient  graphics  not only looks good but also make your understanding clear and correct. Nowadays, with the help of certain different softwares, people can  design  their programs to build their own cartoons strips, holiday  cards ,  flyers  and invitations. In fact, a basic understanding of computers is all a person needs to create their own  graphics  with today’s  design  software.

Adobe  Photoshop 

Adobe  Photoshop  is the number one choice for  designing  programs by both professionals and amateurs these days. It allows users to alter photos by cropping, recoloring and adding special effects. If you wished to create some new pictures, use special drawing tools and give a new shape to your idea. To bring perfection,  PhotoShop  uses a system of “layers.” that separate pieces of a picture and change them separately. For creating more than full pictures, Adobe Illustrator may be the choice for you.

Difference between  Photoshop  & Illustrator

Used for  designing , both  Photoshop  and Illustrator softwares good in their own way.  PhotoShop  is a pixel-based program while Adobe Illustrator is vector based. Pixel based software refers its resolution. It simply means that, while drawing a picture in  PhotoShop , use a certain resolution. Normally, a computer screen displays 72 pixels per inch for a clear picture, but when you print a 72 dpi picture, it looks heavy and blurred. For making a picture for printing in  PhotoShop , use 300 pixels per inch to get a nice, clear image. In vector-based software, a system of paths is used rather than pixels that mean use of lines rather than colors. It also gives you the facility to enlarge the image up to any size.

Other Softwares

For making plain  greeting   cards  or party invitations, you can choose variety of user friendly software programs specifically available for the purpose. People with some knowledge can also go for the software program called Quark that can prove an excellent print layout tool. For a professional quality in layout  designs , Adobe In Design has a great role to play.

No matter if you are a professional designer or an amateur, designing a desired image has become really easy with different softwares available in the market these days. Further, it does not bring out enjoyment in the work but also efficiency to the work.

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