Effective Business Card Design for Freelance Writers

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Freelance writers need to make as many contacts as possible so they can get work to support themselves. As a result it is very important for these individuals to have an effective business card design. Business cards can be designed in a number of ways and freelance writers can really take advantage of the different options available in business card design. The following suggestions will help freelance writers determine what business card will work best for them and their profession.

Custom business cards are one option available to freelance writers. What is important is that the right design and colors are used to create the cards. Freelance writers will benefit from making the cards look professional in addition to using graphics that relate to writing. So, a computer and keyboard is a nice graphic that may be included on these professional business cards. Any other type of graphic that you like and find appropriate may also be used. Just be creative but stick to graphics that are professional and simple. Don’t get too elaborate or choose graphics that won’t be considered professional by most potential clients. The last thing you want is for people to look at your business cards and think they are “cute” rather than professional. Once you come up with a graphic you like you can start deciding on the colors and fonts.

It is best if you use a simple font so that it may be read easily. You can use a font that looks professional or fancy if you like however make sure that it is not so fancy that it is difficult to read. As long as it looks good to you and reflects your business then go for it. Try to choose colors like black, dark blue, and other similarly conservative colors. You could really use any color you want, just make sure it is professional looking. Most people will accept a variety of colors although there are some that will judge you if you don’t use the traditional colors.

As long as you follow these suggestions and include your own instinct you will have an effective business card design for your freelance writing services. If you still have questions check out different business card design sites to see what is suggested for professionals and what designs you like the most. After a little research you will surely find the business card design for you.

Source by Caitlina Fuller