Effective Business Card Design For Realtors

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A good real estate business card is invaluable to you as your first line of marketing for both your real estate company and for yourself. You need to make a huge first impression, because there are thousands of realtors out there, all willing to push you out of the way to get to your client. Commission on selling a house can be large if you find the right house buyer, and you want to make sure that it is you who is going to get that commission.

A real estate business card should start by showing your company name. Brand name recognition is very important in this field, and although they may be using you as their realtor, they also need to trust the company in which you work for. Many companies require that you put their background on the card, but if they don’t, then you have countless other backgrounds you can choose from. Business card templates can include a cityscape of either the city that you sell real estate in, or you could use a stock photo of a major city in the United States. Some realtors prefer to use landscapes showing a more residential suburb if that is what your specialty is. The choice is yours, but you need to take your time in finding the best business card template possible for the ultimate in professional business cards.

A real estate logo can be added to your professional business card with ease. It can include the words Equal Housing Opportunity, MLS, E-Pro, or a trademark realtor sign. The logo should include what kind of housing you sell, or what kind of realtor you are. Business cards have plenty of room for a logo either under your name or under the company name, and you should utilize this space. You can also use the logo of your company if they have a very popular logo to go with their company name. Anything to make your real estate business card stand out to your clients.

Since business cards are the only way homebuyers have to remember you, you should consider placing a photo of yourself on the card. Adding your face, or even your family to the background of the card can make a huge difference in adding to your value as a realtor. Your face can also be superimposed on the landscape background to show you and your area of expertise. Professional business cards in the real estate field often show a picture of someone standing in front of a very large house, but you may want to be unique and show yourself in front of an ocean if you work on the coast, or a mall if you work with commercial real estate. It is important to be different, and to wow your client before you even show them a house.

For printing a quality real estate business card, you need to have them professional printed with a glossy stock of paper, preferably with an UV coating. Make sure your picture is clear and not blurry. The address and phone number should be current, as well as the agency name and number. You have one chance to make a good first impression, make sure you do it right.

Source by Natalie Aranda