Effective Business Card Design For Wedding Planners

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There are several things to consider in seeking an effective design for a business card for a Wedding Planner. First, it is important to remember that business cards are more than just a way to pass on contact information. They have a second function. It introduces you to your potential client and creates that critical first impression. It is also to have an understanding of how your profession relates to a person’s use of a business card. People do not marry or plan weddings on the spur of the moment. A business card that is glanced at and then discarded is not going to be very effective. Like many professional business cards, the wedding planner’s card needs to be saved, so that it can be readily available when the time comes that their services are actually needed.

If you keep these considerations in mind, the design process is given some clear guidelines for making the card effective. Custom Business cards are going to create a much more favorable impression than plain black and white cards. A Wedding Planner should have one of the most impressive cards of any profession. The bride and her family are looking for someone to help make one day as special as it can be and a business card that is unforgettable is going to instill confidence in the client. If you can produce a beautiful, elegant, and impressive card, you should be able to do the same thing for a wedding. It is a chance to show off your good taste and your creativity.

You also do not want the client to glance at the card and toss it away. Size and material can be helpful here. The style known as a folding card is an excellent choice here. It allows much more space. The front of the card can contain more eye catching artwork and color and the inside can give a bit more information on the full range of your services. A card made of more expensive stock, or even plastic, can encourage retention. It is the natural tendency of people to retain more elaborate and expensive things, and this is what you want your card to convey. The ultimate proof of the success of your design choice would be to have the card placed carefully with a stack of bridal magazines in a girl’s hope chest.

Source by Natalie Aranda