Graphic Designer Tips: How To Design Eye Catching Business Cards

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1. Use of colour schemes

A business card that uses colour schemes attracts attention because of the complete colour range, regardless of whether the pattern uses squares, stripes, triangles or circles. If you want a QR code to be displayed on the card, use the same colour range to create an overall impressive and synchronised effect.

2. Images on a brightly coloured background

A stylish and brightly coloured card makes a striking first impression. Such cards would be suitable for a creative professional such as a designer or photographer. Adding an image to the back side can display your skills as a creative expert and this design could also be a part of your portfolio.

3. Minimalistic Design

Using only a logo designed with one colour with creative use of white spaces on the card makes a stylish and sophisticated business card. Put all essential information on the back, such as your name, contact information and tag line.

4. Typography

Typography requires significant attention due to the wide range of choices. Choose a font appropriate for you.

5. QR codes

The QR code adds a modern tool to your card that allows your clients to take a photo of the business card with a smartphone. The code redirects the user to your online portfolio, website or resume. Use this option only if your target audiences are receptive to it.

6. Black and white

Such cards are the perfect choice for lawyers, economists, businessmen and other professionals who are part of serious business concerns. Black and white business cards create an elegant, simple and classic effect.

7. Letter press effects or embossing

This style is created by using a stamp to create raised effects for the lettering or shapes on the business card. The textured look and feel reflects a classical style. With this style, the best effect can be created by using only one colour, which is the real colour of business card paper.

8. Unusual shapes

Business cards in unusual shapes are mostly custom-made and need more resources. Their unusual shape might impress your clients more but their uncommon shapes make them difficult to store in standard sized wallet pockets and people might just throw them away.

9. Transparency

See-through cards are a recent idea and are part of an ongoing trend in advertising. These cards are made from plastic, which makes them more durable than card-based business cards. Transparent cards have higher retention value and create a good effect.

10. Logical end

Always try to choose something that makes your card different because you have just one chance to create a good first impression with potential clients. Choose a card that represents your company’s image and brand.

Source by Max Chohan