How to Design Business Cards From Home

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The first step toward designing a business card is the fact that you need to first list down all the information that you will require to be inside the card. An e-mail address and logo are among the important things that should be included in any business card, bearing in mind the fact that they will easily remind a client about you. Decorative elements are usually the last options to be included in the card, and they are usually entered soon after all other relevant information has been entered.

The second step is usually to decide whether or not you need a vertical or horizontal layout, and this will go a long way in ensuring that you have an idea of how to plan your layout in word or any other type of writing software that you intend to use. Picking of colors then follows, and it is recommended that you limit them to two or three, bearing in mind the fact that you have limited space to work with. Picking of font not only shows the seriousness of a company, but it also reflects the type of work that it is engaged in.

Soon after you have organized yourself, it is then important that you buy paper that you are sure is going to withstand the pressures associated with rubbing the card in and out of a client’s pocket. You then proceed to use Microsoft word, if it happens to be your preferred software, and ensure that you follow the required steps in seeing to it that you get to achieve the required type of business card. You can for instance choose the envelopes and labels option on tools menu, before selecting the type of paper on the product type menu.

After you have completely designed the card and you are happy with the out come, then print it out and then proceed to cutting the huge paper into small pieces.

Source by Jim Johannasen