Logo Design Ideas For Your Professional Business Cards Online Printing Project

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If you are a professional who is still establishing himself in the business industry, could be because you are new in the scene or is still emerging from several unsuccessful attempts, creating a personal brand to boost your credibility and name recall is most helpful. And this identity can be developed with, aside from your background and experience, the aid of a striking image to represent you. Logos are an essential part of companies and commodities, and you can employ the same thing to work to your advantage when you start your professional business cards printing project.

Help with logo design

Since logos are very important, it’s no easy task to create an impressive and high impact design. You may want to seek the help of a logo designer — professional who specializes in the conceptualization and creation of logos tailor suited to the image and nature of a business.

You will have to supply the logo designer with details about yourself and what sort of mark you want leave on people with the logo. If you’ve never consulted a logo designer before and you have no idea still what your logo options are, here are a few ideas that you can contemplate on before you go to the designer and proceed with printing professional business cards online.

Self-marketing with logos on business cards

Below are the elements you can use for your logo design:

1. Text

Some people opt to have plain text on their logos. Commonly, their names, whether first, last or acronyms, are used in the logo. An example of a text logo is ‘Calvin Klein’ which is pretty simple if you look at it but you can easily recognize it from a distance. The key here is the typeface. Some designers use readily available typefaces like Helvetica while others take a typeface and modify the letters a bit to create unique strokes.

2. Graphics

Pure graphic logos are effective in that images register more easily in the minds of people than texts. One quick look is enough to recognize the brand. But the challenge here is to make sure that the graphics are easy to associate with or represents well your brand. Otherwise, it would be ineffective.

3. Combination text and graphics

For those who want both elements incorporated in their logos, logo designers merge texts and graphics, using the appropriate typeface and reinforcing the design with graphics. Once the logo has created good recall and high impact, the graphics can stand alone and name recall would not be a problem even without the text.

Before you add the logo to your business card design for online printing, check if the logo is scalable, meaning not raster based so even if you increase or decrease the size, pixels do not appear and the image does not come out looking distorted.

For first time logo users, it would be best to consult a logo designer for your professional business cards online printing venture. In case you need a re-design or rebranding in the future, you will have more idea about it. Who knows? You might be able to take charge of that.

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