Online Business Card Design

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The business card is one of the most significant personalised documents ever designed.

Its obvious use is to identify the giver of the card to the receiver, and generally business cards are swapped at a first meeting in a business (or social) environment.

In South East Asia, not being able to present a business card at a first meeting may be interpreted as losing face, such is the importance some people place on it.

In Great Britain during Victorian times, people handed their business card to doormen to announce themselves.

The advent and maturity of digital printing has seen tremendous development in the style of cards produced today. Early digital presses were limited in the weight of stocks they could accommodate, but that is no longer an issue. Additionally, colour, once a highly expensive option, is taken for granted today and many contemporary designers are quick to add vibrant, eye-catching colours on both sides of the business cards they design.

Digital print providers are catering for the business card market in a variety of manners, one of the more popular being the design of cards on line.

Downloadable pre-formatted templates give the home or office user the opportunity to simply key in their relevant details (name, address, title, etc.) and upload the finished document back to the print shop. There are a myriad of design choices available.

You may also generate your own business card and write it to pdf format prior to uploading it to the templates mentioned above in order to proceed through to the print stage.

The beauty of either of these methods is that you have the final say on the design and it is visible immediately. Remember to check the details you have typed in for accuracy however, as a reprint will be your responsibility and at your cost.

On line approval and payment complete the easiest of tasks when opting to produce your own cards electronically.

An alternative to filling in pre-selected templates is to have a graphic designer work on ideas for a card.

Designers will generate a logo and any other corporate identification at the same time, which will tie in all elements of your image – letterheads, envelopes, invoices, vehicle and building branding etc.

It is worth noting however that this will not be the cheapest way of creating a card, and you are well advised to get a firm quote from the designer before committing them to the work.

The one advantage however is that you have the choice of watching the design evolve and can contribute to its outcome, plus, the designer’s choice of tools may far exceed those available for on line creation.

Whichever option you may choose, the business card is your handshake and permanent reminder of your status and station. Hand it out with pride.

Source by David Dobson