Stand Out Amongst the Crowd With a Unique Business Card Design

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Are you starting your own business? Whether you are in a practicing profession or a home entrepreneur, one of the things that you would have to plan to do is to get your own visiting card.

If you go to any business meeting, you will notice that after exchanging pleasantries and shake hands, the next thing we do is to reach out to each of the participants in the meeting and give out business cards.

Giving out your Business Card is customary whenever you meet a new person associated with you in some way with your business. In a meeting, there is a method followed for exchanging business cards. You stand up straight from the chair; take out your business cards from the folder or case. Business cards are given one at a time to the persons opposite. You turn the visiting card opposite to yourself, meaning the card should face the receiver. Card is then held with both hands and presented to the opposite person with a slight bending or bowing of the body forward. In turn you wait for a while for him to present the card similarly. After you receive the card, you may thank the giver and go through the card and make a mental note of the name and designation.

You will find that giving out business cards is the cheapest way of marketing your business. In any symposiums or exhibitions, people are seen handing out visiting cards to all visitors who come to their stall freely. The more you distribute the more publicity you are getting. Any other mode of reaching out to people to market your company or product is relatively costlier than this method.

As a visiting card is your identity, it is important that you take care of getting yourself the right kind of business card. To get an idea of the design, visit the online websites which have hundreds of business card templates for you to choose from They even have templates designed specifically for professions like architects, restaurants, etc. Such designs help your customer connect with your business instantly. Your card design should include most importantly the name of your business organization, your name and your designation. Apart from these details you address, contact telephone and email with fax numbers are required to be given. In addition to all these information, your company logo can be inserted. Should you wish, you can have a picture as the backdrop to the card or simply have a shade to differentiate instead of a plain background.

Printing is easy. You can design the template online and place an order on the internet for offset printing. The kind of board will depend upon the usage. If you plan to use the cards as a marketing tool and give away at any event, you can opt for plastic/PVC boards, which are cheaper. For normal business use, you may opt for a good quality paper board.

Source by John S Riley