The Importance of Business Card Design

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A business card is often disregarded in today’s world. With everything going digital, many people think less of spending the extra money on custom business card design. B-Cards are a representation of not only your business, but also yourself as a brand. After conversing with a potential client, your card is the first piece of your personality and marketing that they receive. This small piece of paper can create a lasting impression, and potentially offer further discussions or opportunities. We’ve compiled a list of the important “dos” and “don’ts of b-card design.

1. Simple is better

When it comes to leaving an impression, you want your client to know you mean business. By adding personal photos or making your font too big, you might give off the impression of being unprofessional or less serious. If you make your font too small, it will be difficult to read, and your card might be thrown away due to this small characteristic.

2. Show off your creativity

If you are confused between the first and second point, take a step back to focus on each important factor. Keeping the business card design simple when it comes to font and images is important. However, this factor does not refer to texture, colors, or the information you seek to put out there. By adding a “pop” color, making your card a little thicker than most, or adding a creative title for your business, you are representing your personality and setting yourself away from the rest!

3. Two sided? One sided? Choose a side and stick to it!

When you are representing a brand, it is important to keep your marketing consistent. Whether offering the option of a two-sided B-Card or one-sided business card, make sure you stick with that design. While some may think two custom B-Cards offer versatility, businesses may be dissuaded because it doesn’t give a clear representation to who you are as a brand.

4. Stick to the standard size

You can creatively change a 3.5″ X 2″ without changing the size. If the card is smaller than that, people may lose it. If it is bigger, it won’t be able to fit in the standard wallet, and could be thrown away. Help yourself and your business out by keeping the traditional size!

5. Information is key

Make sure to write all the available contact information. Most companies offer traditional information such as telephone, email, and company address, but also their social media offerings. If you have these platforms, showcase your work!

I once was given the advice “represent yourself as someone you would want to buy from”. In essence, it still holds true. Would you want to buy a service from someone that seems unprofessional? Would you be frustrated by “comic sans” font and throw away the card? If you’re able to take a step back and reflect on how you would feel as a consumer, and you still approve, then you have a winning business card design.

Source by Atanu Das